With the end of the summer season, the question becomes urgent: what to change the shoes of a faithful steel horse? Because properly selected winter tires are a tremendous contribution to safety on a cold, frozen road covered with snow, ice or slush. To get more tips, please read: Best all season tires

Choosing the best tires for the car for the winter, you can be sure of good handling in difficult conditions and reducing fuel consumption.

Manufacturers of tires annually develop and present new products to the world, improving their products. Among the models presented on the market, there are automobile winter tires, both affordable budgetary and medium and premium products for any type of car.


Comparison of tires by characteristics - winter 2016 - allows you to make a preliminary rating today.

One of the leading tire brands in terms of popularity of its products is the Japanese Bridgestone, the quality and manufacturability of tires of which makes it possible to attribute the products to the premium segment, nevertheless, in demand among motorists with an average income level.

Bridgestone has updated the Noranza line of winter tires with three new items:

winter spike for off-road vehicles Noranza SUV001, produced in 5 popular standard sizes;

winter stud for passenger cars Noranza 001 in the assortment of 22 standard sizes in the size range of 14-18 inches;

Stud for light trucks Noranza Van001, available in our market in two standard sizes.

The review and selection of tires for the winter 2016-2017 could not be called complete without the products of another leader in the production of tires - the Pirelli company. However, the Pirelli brand has been modest this year, offering the only winter model, the Cinturado Winter, an advanced friction clutch for passenger cars and compact SUVs.

The Pirelli Cinturado Winter size range, however, is presented in more than 25 positions for wheels from 14 to 17 inches. In addition, this model is designed for increased loads.

The most popular tire brand, whose products belong to the mid-price segment, is Goodyear, which presented the winter novelty for Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance SUV Gen-1. Passenger car owners should be content with last year's models or pay attention to Fulda Kristall Control HP tires, developed by Goodyear specialists.

Among the contenders for the title of one of the leaders are such brands as Kenda and Aeolus. The updated models of winter tires Kenda Klever W / T KR37 (friction winter tires for SUVs) and Kenda Komendo Winter KR500 (friction clutch for light trucks) attracted the attention of experts.

Aeolus does not lag behind, which also presented two new models for cars to motorists: Aeolus AW08 Snow Ace2 and Aeolus AW09 Snow Ace2 HP of High Performance class.

Noteworthy is a novelty from the Gislaved brand - winter tires for light high-performance cars of the middle class Gislaved Soft Frost 200, presented in more than 35 standard sizes and suitable for use on urban SUVs, which, whatever one may say, need rubber with a higher index load.

Comparison of tires by characteristics for winter 2016 will also be adorned with products under the Kormoran brand, presented by the specialists of the world famous German brand Michelin. We are talking about the "winter" Kormoran Stud Extreme for passenger cars, available on the market in 5 popular standard sizes.

The original design and three-dimensional sipes of the new Falken Eurowinter HS01 velcro tires will most likely also ensure the demand for these products among motorists. The tires are available in 10 sizes.


When choosing which to buy the best tires for the winter, it is necessary, first of all, to focus on the technical requirements of the car manufacturer. The main criterion is size. Larger or smaller tires will impair handling and therefore safety on the road. However, for winter conditions, it is preferable to change the car into narrower tires.

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